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Winter is here

With winter now upon us, you may have started to notice some issues around your house. Common at this time are year are blocked gutters. With the debris from trees - leaves and twigs - being blown around due to Autumn, these can get caught up in your house guttering.

Depending on where you live and the surrounding area, you may quite quickly get a build up of twigs and leaves in your gutter which can cause blockages and over flows. Of course gutters are an area of the home that we tend to forget about in fact, like everything, we don't usually notice them until there's a problem. That's why we suggest a regular check and gutter clean to remove any items that have found their way into the system.

Elsewhere around the house, particularly if you have a driveway or slabs in the garden, you may have noticed that these have become slippery at this time of year. Similar to the gutters, garden debris can build up and being on the floor, they can quickly create a slippery surface. Luckily we have a quick and easy way to clean your driveway and patio that will remove the dirt and bring the colour back to your outside areas.

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Looking to have your driveway, patio or guttering cleaned?

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