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External Cleaners in Sevenoaks

External Commercial Cleaners in Sevenoaks

If you are a retail property owner or store manager, you may be interested in our external cleaning service for commercial properties. We can bring your shop back up to standards with car park, walk way and general floor cleaning services. These are ideal to ensure that external surfaces are kept fresh and bright whilst also ensuring that customers do not struggle to walk on slippery or hazardous areas. Just like a garden patio area, areas around shops and factories can become slippery as dirt builds up to form a layer on top of the surface, creating a potential slip hazard.

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External Domestic Cleaning in Sevenoaks

Whilst we generally focus on cleaning the inside of our homes, we often tend to neglect the outside of our property. Over time dirt, dust, rain water, mud and other particles can combine to clog drains, make walk ways hazardous and leave a film of grime over driveways. That's why we offer regular and one-off external cleaning services to our customers in Sevenoaks.

Gutter Cleaning in Sevenoaks

Most guttering is of course hard to reach and therefore difficult to inspect and clean. Our team clean gutters across Sevenoaks for domestic and commercial customers.

Regular cleaning of a building's gutters can help ensure a smooth run off of water by clearing out the debris left due to natural usage. A smooth flow of water ensures that gutters do not become clogged up and start over flowing in areas that you would prefer them not to.

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Patio Cleaners Sevenoaks

Whilst providing a great place to relax, patios can become a major slip hazard if not cleaned regularly. As dirt, leaves and general garden debris build up they form together to create a slippery top layer on your patio. A professional, thorough clean can get things back to normal - brightening up the dull surface and returning it to it's previous bright colours whilst also restoring a safe walking surface.

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